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Lotte Department Store Main Branch


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Lotte Department Store Main Branch is one of the 53 stores operated by Lotte Shopping Co., Ltd., which is the largest department-related business in the country. Since its opening in 1979, it has boasted being the No.1 among department stores in terms of sales. Located adjacent/close to it are Lotte Hotel Seoul, Avenuel, Young Plaza, which are all affiliates of the Lotte Group. The Lotte Department Store Main Branch building is a 14-story building (with five basement floors). B2 through B5 are a parking lot. Goods sold at the department store are: food, cosmetics, sundry goods (B1), famous brand sundry goods, cosmetics (1F), young casual (2F), women’s business suits and casuals (3F), fur coats, lingerie, designer goods (4F), men’s business suits and casuals (5F), golf wear, outdoor gear (6F), sportswear, children’s clothes (7F), household appliances and furniture (8F). Lotte Duty-Free Shop is located on the 9th through 11th floors. Restaurants and Lotte Gallery are located on the 12th and the 13th floors. Lotte Culture Center is located on the 14th floor. The 10-story Avenuel building (with a basement) houses famous brand boutiques and sundry goods stores (B1 through 4F), Lotte Cinema, restaurants, and clinics (5F through 10F). The 7-story Young Plaza building (with a basement) houses concept stores, casual wear stores, and a rooftop garden. Main Branch and Avenuel open at 10:30 am and close at 8:00 pm. Young Plaza opens at 11:30 am and closes at 9:30 pm.
















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